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2022 was a great opportunity to continue the process of building Simplify and help construct the “missing” pieces of the puzzle for a modern take on the 60/40 portfolio. With the necessary tools in place, we were able to launch the Simplify Macro Strategy ETF and start to express a point of view in markets. At the same time, working with Tier1Alpha helped to reignite the writing itch, and I’d love to move beyond the confines of 280 characters in discussing markets for 2023. I’ll still be on Twitter, and I’ll still look nothing like my avatar, but given the combination of Musk-ian drama and an empty nest, it’s time to start adding passion projects.

For now, I’ll commit to writing at least one full-length note a week. For former readers of the Ice Farm Weekly Update, you’ll be very familiar with the content — macro, market structure, option theory, political commentary, and likely some music lyrics. I might even toss in a recipe or two.

For now, this will remain unpaid. But if you want to share the ride, join me in buying a few shares of FIG and come along. Expect more twists than PCH and the opportunity to see some interesting views along the way.

As always, views are personal and NOT investment advice.

Thank you for your interest and support!

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Michael is Chief Strategist and Portfolio Manager for Simplify Asset Management. Michael has been noted for his work as a market theoretician and financial media participant. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and a CFA holder.